Industrias E. Díaz offers a comprehensive range of products andsolutions.

Flat, curved and fixed windows

Folding, sliding and sash windows

A wide range of glass types

Tailor-made solutions

Expertise, design and development of bespoke and/or cutting edge solutions


Side and cabin windows: fixed, folding, sliding and sash windows, flat and curved.

Type of glass:

Tempered, laminated, monolithic, double glazed, heated.

Glass mounting systems:

Various types of glass mounting: glued, rubber.

Window mounting systems:

We work with different types of vehicle window mounting: rubber, screw, glued, flanges.

Industrias E. Díaz covers a wide range of products and comprehensive window solutions: bespoke flat, curved, fixed, folding, sliding and sash windows.We incorporate all glass types currently on the market into our models; tempered, laminated, monolithic, with air chamber and heated.

We offer different assembly solutions for installation with a variety of bodyworks; with rubber profile, glued, screwed, riveted etc.

In order to get all of our products approved in accordance with each specific regulation, and to reach the demanding quality standards within the different international regulations and legislations. Industrias E. Díaz carries out rigorous laboratory based testing both in house, outsourced nationally and internationally.